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End - of - Life IT Asset Management

Who we are

Welcome to Valyourstock, winner of BeCircular 2023. We take care of managing your retired IT Equipment with a focus on reuse.

Proactive and dedicated team of ITY Professionals

Extended experience in preparing and restoring IT network equipment and components

Environment License 'Preparation for reuse'

Licensed waste ICT equipment collector in Belgium and Luxembourg

Secured warehouse treatment facility in Brussels, Belgium

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Our Services

ICT Reuse

The circular economy is a way of keeping our planet healthy in the long term. It also has many benefits for businesses and consumers. Our experienced team focusses on harversting ICT components and give them a second life.

It just makes sense!

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Certified Data Destruction

Our technicians are trained to use specific certified software for data destruction. Your data is securely and permanently irretrievable. We provide you with GDPR compliant data destruction certificate for every data carrier.

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ICT Brokerage

We give you an accurate quotation within 24 hours based on on-site visual inspection or a detailed listing of available equipment. Get rid of your electronic waste (WEEE) in a environmently sound manner. Any resudual waste will be treated by an authorized facility.

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Our Partners

Be.Circular 2023

"We are delighted to announce that we are one of the laureates of the Be.Circular project! 🏆 Here is what BeCircular shared about us: 'Congratulations to the 26 new laureates of the BeCircular call for projects! ⭐ BeCircular is our flagship initiative to support committed Brussels entrepreneurs in the local and sustainable production of goods and services...'" - Driss & Eric

Unleashing the Power of

Circular Economy

Established in 2019, Val Your Stock specializes in ICT equipment recovery, guiding your company towards a circular economy.

Our dedicated team of 5 technicians, boasting over 30 years of experience, ensures seamless collection, packaging, and preparation for reuse. We adapt to your unique needs, contributing to the circular economy by recovering critical materials from specific components.

Proudly aligning with sustainable practices, our mission is to assist partners in meeting environmental legal obligations transparently and securely. We prioritize secure data destruction and asset anonymization, addressing your paramount concerns.

Choose Val Your Stock for a greener, more sustainable future.

Circular Economy in Action

Reusing is the future

Transforming Technology, Sustaining Tomorrow

Explore our world of circular economy solutions and sustainable ICT practices. With over 30 years of combined experience, our team ensures seamless recovery, secure data destruction, and ethical ICT brokerage.


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